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Changzhou Waffom Textile Co., Ltd. focuses on the development and production of new products of knitted denim fabrics.

- Brand Story -

Changzhou Waffom Textile Co.,Ltd.

Changzhou Waffom Textile Co., Ltd. is an emerging enterprise in the knitted denim industry, specializing in the production of knitted denim fabrics. The company relies on its own efforts, continuous technological innovation, adopts modern management mode, and takes product quality and perfect service as its core competitiveness. While improving the taste and quality of users' products, it also realizes its own sustainable development.

The company specializes in the development and production of new products of knitted denim fabrics and indigo cheese yarn. It has a ball warp dyeing production line, equipped with a warping machine, a warp dividing machine, a tube making machine, a circular knitting machine and a Monfushi forming machine. equipment. The knitted denim fabric produced is suitable for the production of knitted denim apparel.

Changzhou Waffom Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional knitted denim manufacturer, an excellent knitted denim fabric manufacturer, and an excellent knitted denim fabric supplier. At the same time, our company also provides samples of knitted denim to provide you with a more reasonable price of knitted denim. Welcome everyone to contact us.

- Brand Advantages -
  • Product qualification certification

    Product qualification certification

    The denim fabrics and other products produced by Wofeng Textile have passed the dyed spinning indigo enzyme washing test, and are still applying for new certifications. The quality is guaranteed and the use is more assured.

  • Production equipment

    Production equipment

    Waffom Textile now has a ball warp dyeing production line, equipped with a series of knitting denim production equipment, such as warping machine, warp dividing machine, tube making machine, circular knitting machine and Monfushi forming machine.

  • Provide customized services

    Provide customized services

    Our company provides knitting denim sample proofing, first proofing, and then sign a contract to ensure your reasonable needs, and provide you with more reasonable knitted denim prices and more suitable knitted denim fabrics.

  • Perfect service system

    Perfect service system

    We take product quality and service as our core competitiveness. From pre-sales consultation to final delivery and acceptance, our company has a very complete service system to provide you with more satisfactory and assured services.

- Company Culture -
Company Culture
  • Enterprise spirit:Learning, innovation, self-improvement.

  • Quality policy:Survive by quality, develop by quality, and benefit from quality.

  • Quality goal:Pursue zero defects and satisfy users.

  • Business philosophy:Win-win cooperation, efficient attentiveness, enterprising excellence, and customer achievement.

  • Corporate purposes:Efficiency makes the brand, integrity makes the future.

  • Corporate philosophy:Uphold integrity, mutual benefit and common prosperity, and carry out virtues.

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